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The Coordinator

You may send e-mail to:-

Agape Community International is a team ministry and the vast majority of members are, or become, actual ministers within their calling and the various gifts that God has given us (We are a Royal Priesthood) for the various types of outreach work we do.

Telephone:- Tel: 01 - 908 - 234 - 643.

Write to Agape Community at the Office Address below:-

Bethel House, 38 Lucas Place, Woughton-On-The-Green. Milton Keynes.  MK6 3BZ.  England. UK.

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As Agape Community International is a dispersed Community, Anyone may join in with our Love Walk via the Internet or locally and take advantage of discipleship and mentoring. 

We will happily train you to go deeper in the Christian life and move forward into service and leadership positions in the Christian church.   Have you got what it takes to be a Minister? 

You may even want to join our 'STREET MINISTERS Project' and get extra training to work in your home town.  Please do get in touch!

You may come along to a local cell if there is one near to your home or you may just talk to the coordinator about becoming a friend or a full member of Agape Community wherever you are, you may just want to partner with us financially because you see the potential for this work of God,

Open cells are usually held on various evenings in the week and some cells meet in the daytime too. You will meet some of our Agape Community members at this time. This time will be hosted at one of our member's homes.

Please phone for an appointment the first time you would like to come, to ensure it is convenient for all parties concerned, just in case we are unusually busy, or if prior engagements dictate otherwise. We want you to feel welcome and give you the time and attention we think you deserve. Thank You.


In Agape we have the confidence to search out the best way to work with the various streams of teaching and application of liturgy and worship now available, as part of this new and emerging sensory church and the convergence movement as a whole.

Therefore we want to plant new style 'Agape' Centres as Christian community outreach centres, that relate to our English culture, whilst being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in UK at this time.  

We regard all as equal in God's service as male and female, therefore we have many male and female leaders in Agape Community, as it is our desire to see others equipped and launched into their full potential, and possibly leading roles within the body of Christ.

Sisters and Brothers of Mercy... perhaps this could be you?

We have several 'Sisters of Mercy' who have completed our tracking course and have been consecrated to God's service in the respective fields where they are gifted and called.

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Agape Community International was originally founded by three pastors who had a vision to see a return to the New Testament Church and for God's people to live a Christ centred non-judgemental life style; expressed through the early church community, clearly seen in the Bible.

Praise God for His goodness and mercy!