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Ministry in Agape Community -

The current leader and founder of Agape 

Bishop George A. Booty has been in ministry in some form or other since 1986 starting full time Bible College in Sopley, Dorset, England. UK.

George has good and varied experience in different spheres of ministry already.

George Says: I believe Agape Community International is really going places....

We also have a STREET MINISTERS Project which is working really well as an Inter-denominational Pastoral work

It is called 'STREET MINISTERS' and includes Inter-Faith volunteers, who serve the Homeless and the poorest of the poor.


Agape Community have small Mission Stations of the Holy Spirit in other parts of the world, we are already twinned and affiliated with other communities within the World Communion of Christian Celtic Convergence Churches, Missions, Orders and Evangelists.

George comes from London originally and spent his early years in the RAF. After leaving the forces he lived on the south coast of England, in the Hants and Dorset area. Previously George became an International Rally driver with some reasonable success and became the RAF's No.1 Rally driver at that time, while in Cyprus. He later went on to start his own business in car engine tuning in UK.

As a boy his mother sent him to Sunday school and in his earlier years, when he was just a lad of 11 years of age he was chosen to be a choir boy in the Church of England, based at St. John's Church (in Stratford Broadway, East London). He continued singing in a Church in Australia at 13, when his parents emigrated.

So from an early age George began to feel the call of God on his life through the worship and yet by late teens he was off into the world.

God started to draw George more obviously much later in life and after his conversion he then studied at Moorlands Bible College in Dorset for three years and received a Bible College Diploma.  

Further studies were continued for a further five years at The Reformed Baptist Seminary at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, under Dr Peter Masters.

George later served as a Youth Pastor and then briefly as an Evangelistic Co-ordinator in a Milton Keynes Church. 

After that time George became a Church planter and was successful in planting a Baptist Church in Milton Keynes in 1992 and was subsequently post ordained to full time Ministry as a Pastor in 1994.

He became an Accredited Minister with the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (F.I.E.C.) and therefore a full member of the Pastor's Association in 1994. He left due to what began to be a call on his life to greater service.

George was a Pastoral Counsellor, using Psychodynamic/Nouthetic methods for around 20 years and has widened his experience counselling skills and George has now been trained over five years at Post Graduate level as a Psychotherapist in the Integrative Psychotherapy field. 

George has a new Practice called TALK THERAPY and currently takes new private clients. Obviously George has normal supervision, is fully insured, he works in Milton Keynes and Harley Street, London. He also does some pro-bono work as resident counsellor -psychotherapist for BUS-STOP Drop-In & Counselling Service Limited. He also teaches Counselling and Psychotherapy in Convergence College in Milton Keynes. England.UK 

George felt a call to his roots of the Anglo Catholic and wider church which is in the Celtic stream of Christianity. 

George has since been Ordained again, only this time in Apostolic succession, as an Episcopal (Anglican) in April 2004. These orders have great validity and proceed through many valid lines, which also include the Petrine line of succession. George has since been Consecrated as a Bishop.

George's Vision, is for a very unique Christian Cell Community called Agape Community International. George also moves in the gift of healing and has a tangible healing anointing in his hands.  God uses him in Healing and Deliverance ministry.

George is the Chaplain To The Poorest Of The Poor here in Milton Keynes, for the homeless outreach in UK with the growing new organisation called STREET MINISTERS

George has since been Consecrated as an Anglo-Catholic Pentecostal Bishop and since as an Archbishop of the World Communion of Christian Churches and has an broad world wide ministry.

 He was the lead singer and a songwriter in Lifesongs music and together with others has produced two complete CD Albums of their Christian music. 

George is also the current Principal of the secular (non-Christian) Convergence College t/a Centre for Pastoral Counselling and Psychotherapy Education Limited, which also offer distance learning.

There is also a sister training organisation for Clergy Training offered by Convergence Theological Seminary & Pastoral College of the Bible.  This offers Healing courses, Spiritual Foundation courses, Diplomas and even Honarary degree level work and will no doubt be enhanced in future.

Another new development is the 'Ministers of Hope' organisation and hosts a web site, which will be primarily a Pastoral Support NetworkWe will be holding teaching seminars and retreats in future months, so..

 watch this space...!