Agape - Real people, simple caring, great friends

Join us!

You may join us on any of these different levels

1). FRIENDS:  As a Friend if you don't go to church or while in your own church, or if you are not in a church.

2). PARTNER:  You would Partner with us in the Gospel Kingdom building, specifically in supporting our ministers.

3). MEMBER: Become a full member of Agape and support the ministry of friends and serve the community.

4). LEADER:  Mentored while in, or building, your own ministry work and eventually to advance for possible ordination.

As a FRIEND:  You might want to learn more about the Love walk and perhaps find out more about our work and your own ministry potential and giftings.

Don't forget STREET MINISTERS though....


Recruiting Leaders in Agape Community..

Existing Ordained Church Leaders. 

or Potential leaders:-

You may not feel very confident to lead anything at all at the moment and that’s alright.. If you feel that God is calling you for some form of service in some way; then we will work with you by training you first to recognise what your gifting is and mentor you down that road.

We will even start basic discipling for you if you are very new in the faith if that is necessary and that will help you to learn, that leading, is serving others. We will train you up to become a spiritual mentor and leader.

The Apostle John makes a distinction among Christians regarding their level of spiritual maturity, namely,

"..Children, Young Men and Fathers", in the church.

[1 John 2:12-14].

This is what we teach.

When Christians are initially saved they are covered by the blood of Christ, but they are still very Carnal and need to relearn so much [Rom 12:2]. Many are just like ‘Children’ and need much help and support.

Unfortunately ,some remain Childlike, through lack of discipling, that’s where we come in - to help and nurture them all the way to maturity.

Reaching Maturity:

When a Christian reaches a level of maturity where they are able to make sound decisions and stand up under trials and temptations we would consider them to become like ‘Young Men’ or ‘Young Women’.

At some stage in the future real growth and maturity takes place, through the fires of refining, when the person becomes a ‘Father’ or ‘Mother’ in the faith, and then they are blessed with spiritual children and begin to show how God has given them teaching gifts.

If you are a new Christian, then you will first want to work on your relationship with Jesus and you will want to spend much time reading the Bible and praying; to really get to know God and hear His voice when He speaks. You will be discipled

[Matt 28:19,20].

And helped to discover what gifts God has given you.

To minister to others effectively, you will need to be equipped properly.

A Cell usually builds slowly at first, but then, as The Holy Spirit is experienced in the meetings, the cell usually begins to grow faster and will usually reach a point when we will need to divide the main Cell into two more small cells. This usually takes place around 6 - 9 months, but it can take longer, this depends on the mix of people and the various characters involved at first.

How does the training work? You will need to show that you are no longer a Child, by showing submission and a teachable spirit; and not being puffed up! By having a Christ like attitude in service.

Leadership is all about Serving others, (foot washing) being a servant, just like Jesus Himself. We lead by serving. We are looking for an element of maturity and will be loosely observing you as an Intern (an assistant Shepherd) while we guide you as Young Men or Women, to lead and facilitate one of our Cells within Agapé Community.

At every level there will be an Intern (someone, possibly more than one, in training) and their respective leader.

In Agape Community you will also be trained and mentored and your gifts will be confirmed and released.

You will be able to work and help your leader to build a local cell in Agapé Community.

The Agapé Bible School supplies necessary Christian Bible teaching and leadership courses.

Levels of Responsibility:

There are also members who are experienced pastors and teachers with the Apostolic five fold giftings [Eph 4:11] and they take responsibility for spiritual oversight and teaching of all of the leaders within the Agapé Community’s leadership team.

We are all accountable and also responsible to God and His Word at every level of ministry.

We all want to see Jesus as our Lord and reason for being, our very centre and foundation. We anticipate the Holy Spirit going before us as we continue to host Him in our hearts, lives and meetings.

“Stir up the gift that is in you.”

Be blessed in His name. Amen.

Who is Leadership for?

Leadership in Agapé Community is for anyone who feels the call of God, through Jesus Christ, on their life, in whatever capacity that might be. Because Jesus has called a person there will be some amount of evidence of that call and it will be backed up by our Father God in some way.

Sometimes God gives us small confirmations along the way, often known only to the person being called. When we receive a call it is important to obey and say YES Jesus.

We can teach and encourage you through positive help, by mentoring and to disciple you personally. This will hone your spiritual awareness and Bible skills and even more importantly the way that you apply what you have learned; both in and out of Cell training and in your daily walk with the Lord. We will seek God with you, to find God’s will and purpose for your life and anticipate it, to be carried through to fulfilment.

We believe you can realise your full potential for God.